Mahashivratri is one of the largest and most significant among the sacred festivals of India. The festival celebrates the Grace of Shiva, who is considered the Adi Guru or the First Guru from whom the Yogic tradition originates. The planetary positions on this night, which is also the darkest night of the year, are such that there is a powerful natural upsurge of energy in the human system. It is enormously beneficial for one’s physical and spiritual wellbeing to stay awake and aware in a vertical posture throughout the night.

Pancha Bhuta Kriya (Online)

In yoga, the five elements are seen as the basis of all creation, including the physical body. There is a whole system of yoga called Bhuta Shuddhi - purification of the elements, that can bring the body and mind to a vibrant state of health and wellbeing.

On this Mahashivratri, Sadhguru offers a powerful possibility for everyone to benefit from Pancha Bhuta Kriya - a potent process of Bhuta Shuddhi which would otherwise require intense spiritual practice.



You are invited to celebrate Mahashivratri on March 8th 6pm through March 9th 6am.

Please note:

  • If you are a minor (under the age of 18), you must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (18 or above).
  • Each adult (18 or above) attending will need to individually register for this event.

Dinner will likely be provided - further details regarding this will be mentioned in a reminder email sent closer to the event, for those who have registered.

This event is offered for free. However Isha Foundation incurs considerable costs to facilitate an event of this scale. Your generous contribution will allow us to offset the costs and continue to offer powerful tools for inner transformation to all seekers, fostering a conscious planet for all.

Program Fee: Free

COVID-19 Guidelines

Registration Details


Masonic Center,
1000 Duchow Way,
Folsom, California, US, 95630


Friday, March 8th, Arrive by 6:00 PM
Depart next day at 6:00 AM


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